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I had thought that orthodontic care was just for young people, but I was wrong.  At 66 years of age, I noticed that one of my front teeth was going crooked.  I was concerned that it would interfere with the playing of my musical instrument.  Dr. Barra's office was glad to work with me, and I am pleased with the results.  Every time I return for an adjustment, I am treated like a friend.  The doctors and the staff are always welcoming and considerate of my needs.  The mood in the office is always pleasant, and they genuinely care about their patients.  I would highly recommend Barra Orthodontics to anyone needing such services.


-Bill K.



Barra Orthodontics receive a 5 star rating from our family. My grand daughter is a "special needs" child & is quite anxious about any change or new experience in her life.  When her dentist told us she needed to see an orthodontist, she was very upset and anxious.  On her first visit to Barra Orthodontics she was greeted by Roxanne, a Barra Orthodontics team member who my grand daughter knows from her soccer team community.  She then met and connected with Dr. Tom Barra whom she will now quickly tell you is her favorite person in the whole world.  At a later time when Dr. James Barra joined the team she was immediately comfortable with him.  The entire Barra Orthodontics team are remarkable.  They are all friendly, professional and competent.  My grand daughter's braces were recently removed and we are very pleased with the outcome.

-Nancy B.


"At age 40, I did NOT want to wear braces again. I was determined that I could live with that one crooked tooth right in front. But I’m SO glad I finally went to Dr. Barra for a consultation. A year later, I am smiling wider for photos and very happy with my pearly whites. Dr. Barra and his staff were understanding and very kind in spite of my whining and reluctance. I can honestly say it was a great experience overall."

-Kristin F. 

"Our experiences with Dr. Barra and his wonderful staff over these past 13 years have been fantastic! Not only have the appointments been prompt and the office clean, but Dr. Barra always has a smile to give and makes our time there enjoyable with his personable and lighthearted approach. His skillful knowledge of the orthodontic field and gentle, kind touch while working on our teeth makes Dr. Barra top-notch. The office’s emergency services have been a real benefit to us as well. A few years ago, we were in great need of a dentist/oral surgeon/orthodontist for our son after a baseball accident. Dr. Barra was there for us and went above and beyond to aid in his recovery. We are grateful to Dr. Barra and his staff for their compassionate care!!"

-Elizabeth S.

"Dr. Barra and his team are the best that you can get. My experience there so far has been fantastic and it will continue to be fantastic because Dr. Barra is amazing at what he does. Every time I go there I feel as if I am like family. It is just the best experience you can get. They always make you feel welcome and appreciated. I get a little nervous when I have anything to do with medical things. So when I got there Dr. Barra was very welcoming and he explained everything he was going to do from beginning to end. After he explained everything to me it gave me a better peace of mind. They are very kind and great at what they do there. They are just the best group of people you will ever meet. Also, I have come a long way with everything. I am very pleased with the results and I am more confident now that it will turn out well."

-Kendall C.

"I have been a patient since Oct 2011 and have had nothing but good experiences. Dr. Barra worked with me to get my teeth looking good for my wedding. The staff is always friendly and a good conversation can always be had with them. I greatly appreciate all they have done for me and my teeth."

-Justin W.

"I’m really happy with the outcome of my teeth! Dr. Barra did a great job and I loved how everyone here is so friendly!"

-Logan S.

"Five years ago you were my son Matthew’s orthodontist. Matthew was head butted while playing soccer and his front teeth were nearly knocked out. You and your oral surgeon at the time came in after hours and put Matt’s braces back on (they had been off prior to the accident). We weren’t sure if the teeth were going to be saved or eventually die. I will say that to this day he has the most amazing smile and all teeth have made it so far, five years later."

-Perla T.

"Superlatives must be used when describing Dr. Barra and his staff. Dr. Barra’s education and professional training at Syracuse University and Georgetown University speak for themselves. Dr. Barra has not only the essential education and professional training but also the professional and personal attributes to implement the best orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages."

-Betty B.

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